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MAYDAY...MAYDAY...need help!!

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Put up 24 lbs. of pork belly in PoP's brine.....been in the garage for the past 12 Days....bought a refrigerator just for my curing….I also bought some new plastic bins to cure them in.  In transferring them to the new bins I lifted the belly up and there was a CLEAR SLIME  all over them……the cure was still a sweet color of brown and there was no discoloration to the bellies…..


Are they OK or do I need to throw away….


I’m think for mixing up a new brew of cure and put them in it…..

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I wouldnt worry about it.



But 12 days in the cure already?


If so they are cured.

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Did you flip bellies daily?  Did you wash the totes first?

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Rinse them well.... make up a new batch of brine/cure and you are good to go..... Clean everything well first... I use straight white vinegar to kill bacteria... then rinse and add the brine/cure....

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Sounds like ropey brine. It happens sometimes. Rinse the bellies good and pat them dry with a paper towel. Leave them sit on a rack for an hour or 2 so they form a pellicle. Then smoke them how ever you want.

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I think you're fine. The clear slime you describe sounds like the way the surface fat reacts, it's happened every time I've done ham or back bacon. If the brine itself is clear and not gooey I wouldn't worry about it.
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Thanks for the help.....was going to smoke this past weekend (and today) but had to work....earliest I can get to it is this Friday PM.....I will wash them off, clean the totes with Vinegar (I cleaned them initially in the dishwasher)..and make some more of PoP's to cover them...I will post a picture of my $300 frog I got (It was originally 3600$ at it because they couldn't sell it....) broken Ice maker....dents in door and side and the "ground" tit broken off....don't need the ice maker...dents don't matter in the garage and I am a ex Navy ET so I can fix the plug...

This is my Samsung "french door" cure station...$300 at Lowes 

This is the inside..plenty of room for all the stuff I'm going to do....based upon reading this forum

Here is my MES the cart...built the stand....added a "Tool box" smoker for my A-MAZ-En 6X6

even go the thermometers you recommended ....all set


Got this even though I just bought a Weber 22.5 smoker will all the bells an whistles you recommend there too....


NOW if I could only make something that doesn't taste like salt pork....(what else does a retired submariner have to do with his time and money) 



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one last question...what temp should I set the refrigerator to?

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That is one nice man fridge.

I have mjne set around 36 degrees.
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Thank you for your service :usa:. The guys have you covered on the ropes. Nice looking project fridge and smoker dolly.

Happy smoken.


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