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Florida panhandle

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Anybody live in this area? I'm moving to Pensacola in the summer and I'm just curious if that's too late to start a garden. I should be there sometime in June. 

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I don't live there but it won't be to late.

Happy smoken.


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I lived there years ago but didn't do any gardening. Looks like it won't be too late for a lot of things, plus there is the fall crop too.
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Hey SmokinGunny,


Wont be to late at all. I live in Orange Park which I think is the same hardiness zone. You might have some decreased yeilds of some types of plants starting them in the summer heat. Having afternoon shade will help tremendously though. Peppers wont really even get started till the summer heat. Welcome to Florida!

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June will be too hot to plant some things like tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and some other things but there are other things that do fine that time of year. It will also give you a little time to get ready for a fall garden

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