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Deploying to Bahrain (SA)....I'm taking a cooker :)

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Alright brothers and sisters....I'm gonna go on another trip for awhile.  I'm active duty NAVY and I built this little guy


I thought about bringing my electric UDS instead due to the available "fuel" in the desert.  I can smoke with the eletric anytime I want but this little tailgater just performes as a RF stick burner.  I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to take enough wood for the little guy and may run out....but Kingsford can be had anywhere so I know I can smoke with that.


Here is my little electric....old pic but now have an added rack and door from a recycled brinkman!


Volume of food is nearly equal for both.  I'm just thinking about what would be the best "bang for the buck".  The nearest commisary or grocery store is 1 hour away from our work place so I will have to be in on the loop when it comes to food runs.  Poultry is available all across the world so some smoked chicken will be guarenteed.  I just dont know about beef!  Does anybody know if good quality beef is available over in Saudi Arabia?  Never been to this shit hole before so I wanna be prepared and make the best of this trip with the occasional good "home cookin" type lunch or dinner.  What do yall think?


Home made potatoe salad will side these "Merica" palates!

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Thank You for your service. Nice smokers you have their. I am not sure what is available to smoke there. You may find something new to try.

Happy smoken.


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As mule stated...thanks for serving. Just as a guess I am probably thinking you could find some beef. Lamb is pretty popular in that region from what I understand. Have you ever smoked lamb?
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Thanks for your service.

Here is some reading for you.

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Thank you for your service, may you have a safe tour,   send us a picture when you get there and a smoker going



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Goat is good.

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This is what I would do - you will have some downtime - we always worked 12 hrs. on 12 hrs. off.  Take a big poppa kit and acquire a drum while there.  This way you don't have to take anything over other than a kit.


I bet we could even collect enough through the website to get you a smoker over there that you can leave for everyone.

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Thank you for your service and the best to you and your family...

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Thank you for your service! The only concern is have with taking the electric is the different power voltages used in other countries.

As for the meat available, I have no clue! You might end up posting the bulk of your cooks in the Heads to toes forum!
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Like Joopster said, I'd be looking for some nice tender little goats. Good luck and God speed!

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