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Summers Sausage / Room Temperature

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I am brand new to sausage making.  I made my first batch of venison summer sausage.  I took what I wasn't going to eat soon or share over to my parents to use their vacuum sealer.  I sealed them and put them in the freezer.  We brought them home last night (frozen solid).  They were forgotten and left on the table overnight (around 9 hrs total) and thawed out.  


My questions is can I put them back in the fridge or freezer safely?  They were made with cure and allowed to cure in the fridge for over 24 hrs before smoking.  From what I understand, the idea behind summer sausage was that it could be stored at room temp for a period of time and that is how it is sold in the store.  I'm not sure if there is specific handling/sterilization to make that ok.  Everything I can find online about storage is recommending vac and refrigerate/freeze.  I hate to throw it away, but it is not worth making myself or others sick over a few pounds of sausage.


Thanks in advance.

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If it was properly cured you are safe. You are the one who can answer the question as to if it was properly cured.

I see this is your first post. When you get a chance will you drop by roll call so everyone can give you a proper SMF welcome?

Happy smoken.


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Did you use 1 tsp. of cure #1 per 5 #'s of meat when you mixed up the meat....  

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I used AC Legg Cure, which from what I have seen is the same as cure #1.  I used it at the ratio of 1 tsp/ 5 lbs meat.

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The meat should be OK....  BUT, meat stored in an oxygen free environment and temps between 50-110, are in the prime zone for botulism...  Vacuum packed meats on the counter, meet that requirement..    the nitrite "should" protect the meats from botulism growing.....  just as it would in a smoker....

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