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Older metal Kitchenaid meat grinder questions

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Hi. I am new to sausage making, and I have a chance to use an older metal Kitchenaid grinder. I have used it to grind my first batch of meat, but I still have some questions. Here is a photo:

I would like to use it to stuff casings (so far, I am just making bulk), but there are no stuffing tubes with it. Will the plastic tubes that come with the plastic model work with this, or will I need some other type of tube? It also didn't come with the plunger....are they available? It seemed to work really well; didn't bog down at all. 

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SSB, meat pushers are available from any butcher supply company. You will need to measure the diameter of your auger body at the ring(auger throat) to figure out which tubes to purchase.

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SSBaldy,  try the sponsor of this website  They have had almost all the stuff that I need.


Supply photos, information on the specific model and the sizes of the components needed and they can probably assist. 


Good luck and keep trying.


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That thing is an antique......   probably won't fit new stuffing tubes..... 


Check to see what it will bring on e-bay...     you could probably get a new grinder and vertical stuffer for what that's worth....

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I wouldn't sell it.  It's too cool to sell. 


I wish I had my grandfather's old school grinder and stuffer.


I'd order the Kitchenaide stuff accessory and see if it fits. It's 10 bucks at Target

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I agree with Bama on this. The vintage grinders are supposed to be far superior to the plastic ones. Though I wouldn't bother with the stuffer tubes unless you just want to try. As a grinder mine (newer plastic version) works fine but stuffing with it is an exercise in frustration. It'll get the job done but it's not a fun process and it kinda of mushes the meat into a paste. If you can swing a dedicated stuffer I'd go for it and skip the stuffing with the KA.
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I would hunt up a separate stuffer as a grinder doesn't stuff well. And as said above a plunger should be easy to find.

Happy smoken.


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Thanks for all the replies. It is not mine to sell or give away; sorta 'borrowed/shared'. It does work pretty well for grinding. I will see if I can talk the wife into a dedicated stuffer.

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Thanks Dave. I did look on ebay, but didn't know to add the word "vintage". I will do some more research and see where the best place to put some limited funds.

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Well, I decided to try the plastic stuffer tube kit ($9 on Amazon). They came today and it looks as though they are going to work ok:


I will update after actually stuffing some sausage.

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I have used one, from a friend, frequently. They were originally made by HOBART and are a standard size, though not sure which one, 8 or 12. There is no issue with standard after market plungers, tubes, blades and plates. If you plan on continuing to make sausage, get a dedicated Stuffer. Using tubes on a KA will cause you too Curse more than a Trucker in Traffic!...:hissyfit:...JJ

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SB, Glad you found some tubes, have fun !!!

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