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Bought this today just happened to see it in the dollar store. It may or may not work but wanted to give it a shot for the price I could have a few preloaded for a smoke just open the door pull one out and put a new one in. I am a little worried about the material if it's galvanized or not and how to tell. I have fish in the smoker now when it is done I was gonna put the pan on the burner and see it discolours. Any thought?

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Loooks like SS. But would a dollar store have SS?.
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Try using a magnet on it. If stainless there will be only a slight magnetic attraction on type 316 & none or nearly none on type 304. I found this out from a welding instructor so take it for what its worth.


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If it is a pan for cooking it would have to be SS or polished aluminum

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It looks like a pan for one of those stove top smokers.

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I don't know of any place that would sell galvanized cook ware.

Happy smoken.


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What David said.

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