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1st time chicken drumsticks

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Hi all,
Smoked up some drumsticks today.
The weather here in Ft Worth was great so I said yeah lets smoke.
Prepped the drums last night.
Garlic powder
Onion powder
Chilli powder
Kosher salt
TC's Original Creole seasoning
Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning

I added these for the rub, the quantities well imagine a majical concoction, a little bit of this a little bit of that.pot.gif
IMG_20150117_230458.jpg 181k .jpg file

Here is the final results after 3hrs in the smoker and 1/2hr in the oven to crisp up the skin.
CAM00265.jpg 493k .jpg file

CAM00268.jpg 529k .jpg file

CAM00269.jpg 594k .jpg file

CAM00270.jpg 511k .jpg file

I used applewood in the smoker.
I grilled up some 4oz Omaha steaks and hotdogs given as a Xmas gift also.grilling_smilie.gif
Love it when the wife says, honey that was great!
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Sounds tasty. Next time if you will load the pics here a lot more people will see them Most won't fallow links to see pics.

Happy smoken.


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That's some nice looking yard bird



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nice job, good luck

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