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Sausage coloring

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I just pulled a 25lb batch of Andouille from my smoker.  It's been on for 9 hours.  Started at 120 for an hour to dry them (hog casings), then 130 for an hour, and so on up to 180.  Held at 180 until IT at 155.  Most of the sausage has that nice reddish color.  It's clear that a few didn't get smoke.  I think they were the ones sitting on the rack right over the water pan.  Smoke should have hit them, but didn't.  The tops are red, but the bottoms are more "natural" color.  They feel as firm as the other stuff.  Is that ok to eat?  This is my first time having this happen, but it's also the first time using hog casings.




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Your good to go.........Thumbs Up       Condensation probably formed on the bottom of the sausage. Thats why the smoke didn't adhere



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Thanks! Condensation makes sense. They taste great.
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whoops... Never mind I found it on another thread........Thumbs Up


here ya go. is this it




Any finished pics?

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Thats them pre-smoke. Here they are right after a bath. They taste great! . The areas without good smoke turned out fine and looked good after a night in the fridge.
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Awesome.............Thumbs Up  Points

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I bet those do taste as great as they look!!! Reinhard

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Made a po boy today with some creoleayse. Yum.
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