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Ribs in the MES 30

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Ribs with the Cherry Bourbon glaze (from Jeff) turned out nice.


Baby Back Ribes (Loin ribs) 1/17/2015  
Weight Chips   Seasoning
One rack Hickory/Pecan   Mustard, and Jeff's rub
Start MES 230 On 3rd shelf Un wrapped
1 Hour MES 230    
2 Hour MES 230    
3 Hour MES 240 Foiled and bump to 240 Wrap in foil and apple juice, started onion
4 Hour MES 275 Cherry Glaze bump to 275 Open foil and Cherry Bourbon glaze 
5 Hour Done   Nice Bark









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Beautiful Color,  looks fantastic



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Are those baby backs ribs? How was the taste? My first outing with spare ribs had me thinking I put way too much rub on. Those look tasty.
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They were baby back ribs. Taste and texture was right on. If you have not tried the Cherry Bourbon glaze from Jeff you are missing out. 

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Nice Job, Larry!!Thumbs Up


Those ribs look Mighty Tasty!!:drool:drool





The first time I did ribs, I put too much rub on. 

It takes a lot less rub than a Butt does, because of how thin ribs are compared to a Butt.

Gotta watch your meat to rub ratio.




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Looking at them again, I could eat a mess of them for Breakfast



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Good looking ribs , and the Onion looks good too. But , I want to now where the Banana fits in , it was shown as an ingredient :confused:.




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Oldschool, glad your back  we all missed you



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Great looking ribs. I'm kinda curious about the banana too
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Tasty looking ribs any leftovers for me?
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