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Todays smoke.

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Here is what is going in the smoker today.








After these are done and if I'm still standing after the championship football games a cold smoke of cheese and butter is being considered. :beercheer:

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That should please the masses! Can't wait to see the finished product.cheers.gif

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Looks like A good day of smoke!
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Can't wait to see this one! Watching!!!
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I'll be watching, this should be good, post lots of pictures



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Your going to be a busy beaver! Can't wait to see all the smoked goodness!
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I will post the pictures tonight when I get home from work while I make my second attempt at smoking cheese and butter.

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I'll be waiting to see this one



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Well here is the finished goods.







And this is whats smoken now


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The butter is out after 1.5 hours. The cheese will stay in the cherry wood pellets smoke for awhile until the 6" AMNPTS goes out. It is only 56 degrees outside and 32% humidity which is rare for Vegas. Temp. in the smoker has only gone up to 61 degrees.

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I took the cheese out at 4 hours. It stayed at under 62 degrees the whole time and even rained a little.

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