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Patricks Chicken

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I smoked a 4 pound whole chicken. I have a Smoking-It smoker and the recipe is on their website . It turned out fantastic. I've found out that these stainless steel smokers are so well insulated that my meat gets done before the time called for in the recipe. I used a Maverick wireless thermomater which has saved me because the meat gets to the right temp a little early and I don't over cook it or have to open up the smoker to test the internal meat temp. The orange and pinapple I stuffed in the chicken gave it a great flavor.

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That is why you smoke to IT not by time. Have you checked the smoker temp to see if it is correct?

Happy smoken.



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I'm with Mule    no pictures !!!!



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If there's no pictures it didn't happen
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jaguarjohn, thanks for your post, but here these guys like to see some pictures of your smoke. so i am with the other guys here.





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Sounds like a delicious and successful cook! I've seen a Smokin' Tex in action and agree, they are pretty efficient.
As for the photo police, maybe one friendly reminder is sufficient. No wonder the poor guy hasn't been back.
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Mdboatbum, i think you are right, maybe one reminder is enough.

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Sorry, I withdraw my pic request,   One is enough



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