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picled egg question

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I started some pickled eggs 2 weeks ago they now have what looks like slime on them are they safe to eat



I used a 50/50 water and vinegar and they have been in the fridge the whole time thank you for any help you can give me

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That does not look good. What kind of sausage is in with it and did you follow any kind of recipe?

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it is home made Andouile sausage ,

2 cups vinegar

2 cups water

2 Tbs. salt

3 Tbs. sugar

crushed chili  peppers

onion powder

garlic powder

cider vinegar

I think thats all I put in it

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I think 50/50 vinegar/water does not have enough acid...   personally I use straight vinegar and salt/sugar mix....  figuring the eggs will add water..    check for a government approved recipe and dilution ratio.....

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If I was a betting man, I would wager a guess that the slime is the fat in the sausage dissolving due to the vinegar. I am not by any means an expert, since I have never pickled any eggs and sausage in the same container like that, but I always tend to use more of a 70% vinegar 30% water ration when I pickle eggs. Maybe there is to much water in your mixture. Have you tasted or smelled the mixture to see if it smells off/rancid etc?

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i have not smelled it yet

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i just tried one not bad

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just added some frank's red hot wing sauce to them I will try one in a few days

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How are they with the addition of the hot sauce?

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tried one tonight it was good

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I like pickled eggs, not sure about slimy eggs  Let us know if your still OK in a couple days



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