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Dry cure German salami

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Mixed in pork and beef with salt, cure and sugar, into the fridge overnight



Remainder of spices added, with some wine and starter


Pressed into a beef bung(according to the recipe

final salami, was a bit oversized so i diveded it into 2, and now sitting in the oven at 80* 90% humidity to incubate. 

Will be getting 3 sessions of light smoke after this, then into the basement to age.

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Nice to share the recipe?

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I'm in. Please more on the recipe.
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Hey Guys, nothing fancy, following the Len Poli, Smoked Salami - German American style. I realized after it was all stuffed that I had forgotten to add the garlic52.gif, other than that, everything is the same 

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Thanks...i'll look it up....I've got two more beef bungs to use up.

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Updated pic, here we are after smoking, fermenting, and now a couple days of aging around 12% weight loss so far, smells amazing

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Hi CDN Offroader....


What's your temp and humidity....12% in a couple of days seem pretty fast...especially for a beef bung?

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Hey Dingo, been following the recipe exactly, currently sitting at 60*F / 60% rh. I think it was the 3 smoking sessions that caused it to dry out quick, casing still feels soft

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I've been down that path with Len's recipes.... Take this with a grain of salt... I would up your RH to 80% for the next few days.... Then back it down to 70%. Until you get your weightloss. With a large casing like that 60% is to low. hTH
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Nice,  I want to see it sliced 



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I am with Gary. 😀
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Still hangin, getting a bit of white mold, the smoking really inhibits it. Down to about 23% weight loss


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Lookin good....I rarely get any white mold on my smoked product....looking forward to the first cut!

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Looks good



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Well, recipe said to dry to 25%, so I decided to give in and give one of them a sample, here it is.



The smell is a delicious, smoky, tangy salami. Flavour is bang on what I was looking for, really good tang(wish I had remembered to put in the garlic). Consistency is closer to "deli meat" salami than dried salami, so I resealed the end in deli paper and gonna let it get down to about 30% loss and try it again. So far so good

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Nice slice!
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