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Lady Smokers

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How many Lady Smokers out there and how did you get started?  My wife is a great cook, but takes no interest in grilling or smoking.  I enjoy doing the outdoor cooking but it occurs to me that this may be her way of getting out of cooking.  LOL.  But seriously, I've seen post from a few females on here but not many.  Speak up and let us know what your favorite thing to smoke is.

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Not sure of the count but seen quite a few on here, My wife is the same way on smoking, she is a great cook, and super on the grill, but leaves the smoking to me.



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i don't care for grilling at all. i love smoking because smoke is my fav spice,


our family camped lots when i was little. i love the taste of smoke n ashes in my food.


i smoke once/week because i have a pellet smoker, which is steps from my back door.

it's not much more trouble than my oven but more fun.


if i had to use charcoal or real wood i probably wouldn't smoke much, if ever.

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My mother was the opposite, she hated the smell of wood smoke. It's because of spending a few years in wood-heated "displaced persons" barracks just after WW2, bad memories.

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Squirrel, Cowgirl, etc are all FANTASTIC outdoor chefs.
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I say the more the merrier!
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female grillers are the exception.  i'm the only one i know personally who cooks outdoors.


when i have a steak, i sometimes think how nice it would be cooked over charcoal, which i do have n can use.


then, i saute the steak on the stove top.

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