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Amazing customer service!

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So a little while ago, I ordered a brisket from a local abattoir. When I picked it up it was late, I was in a hurry, and didn't look at it closely, as it was wrapped in butcher paper. When I got it home, I put it in my freezer till I was on days off again, and thought to my self it was a tad thin! Hmmm, Was about to look at it, and got "called" to duty, by SWMBO, and never thought about it again for a while. Fast forward to yesterday. I took it out, unwrapped it to cut the 17 pound beast in half, intending to make a Montreal Smoked meat. Holy crap! It was thin! And missing the point, all I got was the flat! Crap! Well I grumbled at my haste and stupidity, and brought the half into the kitchen, to apply the spices/cure. Ground and mixed all the ingredients, and unwrapped the brisket in good light, and thought I had grabbed a pork belly by mistake, checked the wrap, and confirmed it as the brisket! Wow it was mostly fat! I sucked it up, rubbed, wrapped the brisket, and into the refrigerator.


At work today, this was bugging me so I called the packer, And mentioned politely, my issue with a prime, grass fed hunk of brisket, missing the point, and being mostly fat! So to my surprise, he says bring it back!! Huh? I told him thanks, but I already cut it in half, and had one half spiced/cured. No problem he says, he is planning to process 4 young steers on monday, and will custom cut me a brisket, and exchange me pound for pound. I asked again about the spiced portion, and he said "We want to make it right"


I have to say, I was floored, and he has earned my business. Sorry for the long winded tale, but had to pass it along. There are still a few out there that care!

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That is awesome... but I am intrigued at a 17 lb FLAT???

I had no idea they got that big.

Too bad the rest of it wasn't there with that 17 lb flat.  ;)

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Sounds to me he has a customer for life. Cheaper that running adds 



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Yes sir! A dandy hunk of meat to say the least! I talked with the owner, he said the point was removed by one of the lads, because he thought it was to heavy intact.


I returned all the meat yesterday, Monday I pick up the fresh whole brisket.

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Great customer service! Can't wait to see the new brisky!
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It is always nice to hear good positive stories. Glad they made it right for you.

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