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Yea Rick I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with the MB Cold Smoker as it might help air flow through the unit and not take up any additional space within it. I know a lot of guys are recommending the AMNPS but I'm pretty sure that this is the route I'm going to take. I'll probably do the season cook and some initial work with the unit as is but once my tax return hits the bank I'll be heading to Home Depot (most likely) to get the MB Smoke Unit.


I'm also going to do some youtube work with this. Maybe a combo seasoning and first cook video to be followed by the addition of the Cold Smoke Generator. A lot of the videos I've seen show a smoker with some smoke coming out the vent while the guy talks about what he's doing. I would like to get more descriptive with the video work. Especially the attaching and use of the Cold Smoke Unit as there is very little of that on youtube at this point in time.


The beauty of being semi-retired is I'll have the time to follow through with these ideas!

Ya know, Joe, a lot of guys like the Cold Smoker so you can't go wrong there.


You'll notice that after turning on the MES there will be smoke coming out of the top vent even though nothing's cooking inside. During the seasoning process that's the oils being burned off. After that the smoke is generated from the grease drippings and other residue from previous smokes. Many guys never clean the inside of their smokers. I just wipe off what I consider excess buildup on the walls, inside door, and the ceiling.


Of course, once you've got wood chips or pellets burning inside you'll see the actual smoke you want to see.


The only videos I've watched are the ones on how to rip the membrane from the back side of pork ribs. Otherwise, I've got quite a few books with recipes that are easy to follow. SMF is goldmine of info for recipes and techniques. I'm also kind of semi-retired and I don't know where all the time goes.