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Hi guys, I'm new here and new to smoking food. Yesterday I just bought the masterbuilt pro analog electric smoker.

I was originally planning on getting the brinkmann gourmet but HD was out of stock and they had the masterbuilt on sale for $135 so I went ahead and got it. It's my first smoker so hopefully it turns out great!

I read some reviews on the masterbuilt and most of the complaints I have read was about the wood chip holder and water holder are way too small. Is there a remedy for this problem? I just don't want to open it up every hour or so to fill up the trays and possibly lost heat and smoke..

I'm very peculiar about my electronics and toys, and take very good care of them which brings me to my next question.

Is there anything I can put under my meats to prevent them from dripping juices on the element and bottom? I know there's a drip tray on the bottom of the smoker house but I was curious if the drippings are bad for the element and affect the longevity of it?

Thanks guys, and I am looking forward to be a part of the community.

Welcome, glad ya joined us ! It's nice to have another Idahoan on the forum !