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How much did we pay for that???

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We never notice the prices on anything we buy. Went shopping yesterday, got home and just put the bulk of it in the fridge. Ernie just went to cut the flank we got from Costco up....$8.49@pound.

I did a quick search and could not find any answer that satisfied her, what cut of beef is the flank from? This is the first part of my desire for help this morning, the other will follow shortly. As always, Thanks in advance for any and all help you fine folks provide...Inkjunkie

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I think it's the abdominal muscle..long and flat. HTH

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Another "inexpensive" cut....that went the way of brisket, belly and oxtail. You can buy ribeye roast for less.

London broil is what comes to mind when flank is memtioned.
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Yep London broul is another name. Good for jerky making, and is commonly used in stir fry. I just posted a cook of one the other day to n my Pre Game Feast thread.
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These will help you alot, just save 'em to your favorites.




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