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Second Brisket - First was dry, is this a flat

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Thinking about smoking another brisket tomorrow. The first came out pretty dry. It had good flavor but was dry...not to dry to make a good chili with.

This is what I picked up at the store and it seems kind of small... am I nuts? Any advice on cooking this would be great.

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It does look like the flat.  I can not tell how much it weighs.  If I were cooking it, I would rub it down the night before smoking and wrap in plastic wrap.  On the day of the smoke I'd set my smoker at 235 and plan for one hour per pound plus two hours.  I would foil it at 165 and take it to 195-197.  At that temp I would pull it and place it in an ice chest (no ice) wrapped in a towel for at least an hour (very important) and 2 hours won't hurt.  As you near 195 I would test it for tenderness using a toothpick.  The tooth pick should slide in very easily.  Patience is the key word here, it will get done when it gets done. 


Good luck, Richard

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FYI, I smoked a 3.5# flat @250*, rubbed with S&P, foiled at 160, cooked til tender at 205*. It came out great, you should have no trouble!

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Your first brisket being dry suggests maybe you didn't take it to a high enough internal temperature. Or if it was a flat perhaps it was overdone. Was it dry and tough (too low) or dry and crumbly (overdone)?
As has been said, the probe test is the key. I usually start checking when it gets to 185f or so. They're all different, that's why they're so much fun! 😄
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