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Seasoning wood

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Hey guys, I have been using wood chips and very small chunks bought through retailers thus far. A friend cut down some alder trees so I snagged about 8 pieces, each about 2 feet long and 8-10" diameter. What's the best way to season this wood? My idea was to take a chain saw and cut it i to 2-3" thick disks, then take an axe to those and break them up into smaller fist size pieces. I've got a few places I could store them while they season. I have a shed I could throw them in, my front porch is fairly well covered, or I could throw them inside in an empty storage closet. Which would be best? My thought was maybe inside the closet as it would be heated. Any opinions on the best way to season it, and how long it would take?
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I store alot of wood in my farm shed that as broken windows in it. Covered and alots of air flow.

Then take some and put next to my wood stove to speed the process up. As I use some I replace it.
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If I cut it up into fist sized chunks and brought it inside next to a heater vent, how long until a could use it?
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Depends on how hot the vent is. Next to my hot hot coal stove it takes about 2 months.
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Cut it up as you describe in post #1and then cut those fist sized chunks in half and dry them for 8 to 12 weeks in a warm place.

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