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Put gets stuck

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So when I built my mini WSM I ordered a 32 qt pot from a returant suppy site. It fits fine until I start a fire then I can't get it apart from the base until it cool. What can I do? If I buy another pot , should I get a viscous or a Imusa?
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Is the lid for the pot attached to the bottom of the pot?
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Never came with a lid!!
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Originally Posted by Lemans View Post

Never came with a lid!!

Bummer! The vasconia build is sligtly easier to put together. It all depends on what you can get where you are...

There are other brands like BC Classics, VM Industries, King Kooker, and Hoffritz. There are probably more but those are some that I know of. i don't know about the hoffritz pot but all of the others are imusa type tamale pots.
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I purchased the Imusa today for my build.  Anyone have this issue with that pot?

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