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Brisket Help

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Hello all; new to the forums, but have used this site for a while for help. I'm going to be smoking a 9.5lb pork butt and a 10.5lb brisket at the same time. The brisket had been separated into the point and flat; probably 6-7lb point and 3-4lb flat. How should I stack the meat? I was planning on butt at the bottom followed by point then flat on top. Will this be a good setup our should I put the point over the flat? I'm planning on putting the butt on around 12am (15-16hr smoke) and the brisket on around 5am (9hr smoke). Smoker will be set to 225 degrees. Any help on temps or tricks would be great.
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I do not believe your butt will take 15+ hours to complete.  I always cook to temperature and in the case of brisket, temp and tenderness.  I can only tell you how I would do this were it me.  The butt on the bottom is ok and the smallest brisket piece on the top is also fine.  I always cook my butts and briskets to 165 before foiling.  I take my butts to 203-205 and pull and into an ice chest for at least an hour to rest before pulling.  Briskets are taken to 195-197 before removing and placing in an ice chest for at least an hour before slicing.  If pulling the brisket take it to 203-205.  For brisket I plan for 1 hour per pound plus two hours.  For butts somewhat less.


Good luck!   

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Thanks for quick reply bear. I'll wait to put the meat on for a later time. Im trying to get all the meat ready to eat around 4pm. This is the second time I've smoked brisket. Last time was a few years back and it was horrible. Long story short, inexperience and way too much heat/smoke. After getting pretty good and butts/shoulders i figured I'd try to redeem myself. Hopefully all works out. Thanks again.
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Here is some reading. Done by one of our finest old timers from texas. Thanks gary s

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Thanks for the link! Helps a lot. Just gonna let it smoke and monitor temps and hopefully all will work out.
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Brisket is the hardest thing there is to get right. Good luck man!

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