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Prime rib questions

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Hello, planning to do a bone in prime rib this weekend. I'll be doing it in my bbq guru onyx oven.
My questions are, should I use a water pan in the process? And what is the best charcoal and smoke wood combination? I been having bad luck with cowboy brand lump charcoal.
I hear white oak is great with prime rib?
I have read quite a few posts about prime rib on the forum and have the Temps and times in mind. Just curious about these other things.
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I prefer to not use a water pan when smoking. I don't feel the need to add moisture when smoking and I get better temp controls without water. I would use a natural lump. I like to use a 50/50 mix of cherry and pecan for beef. Simple rub of Salt, pepper, onion, garlic, bit of rosemary.


Cowboy is awful lump in my opinion. I have had good luck using 365 brand.

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Below is how I do Prime Rib.

I never put water in my water pan, but I use an MES which is really well insulated & holds the moisture from the meat.






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I like royal oak lump with pecan or hickory for beef. Thumbs Up

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