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First brisket this weekend... - Page 2

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Update # ("Beats me. Lost track. I am tired.")

Here are the final pics....
Slicing flat


Burnt end tray...
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Success at last, good job



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After thoughts... lessons learned...


 - The temperature failure that I experienced early this morning was the smoker itself.  I must have sloshed some juices where they don't belong.

 - It took 22 hours from start to finish for the 16lb Choice Brisket.  It shouldn't have taken that long.  I should have trusted the maverick and just upped the heat until the maverick had the right temperature.
 - Buy a smaller brisket next time.  :)

 - I used this video to teach me how to cut a brisket.  There were others, but I liked the idea of removing the point to get the ends into the smoker.



Everything came out awesome especially the burnt ends even though they weren't really burnt.


Thanks y'all!!!!

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Thank you for restoring my faith that one day I too can achieve success with a brisket. Great thread, I enjoyed following it.



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