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Celebratory Prime Rib

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Well my daughter was born last Thursday and my parents were in town from New Orleans. My dad's a lover of prime rib....well we all are, so I thought it was a perfect chance to give Bear's instructional a go. Spiced with salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and wrapped overnight. Put it in the smoker with it set at 230 and the AMNPS with pittmaster going at about 12:15. Pulled it out at around 4:45 and 131 degrees and let it sit for about 40 until the mac n cheese was done. Unknown final resting temp....but I knew where it would end up at so I wasn't worried. It was amazing!

My dad standing around the smoker...he's not used to the cold!

Some celebratory champagne!

And here's a shot of the new member of the family, Ruby Nicole.
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Great looking prime rib...Beautiful daughter!



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Wow, Beautiful little girl, and a nice looking PR to boot


Good job    --------   On Both



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That's what 9 months at a temp of 98.6 will get you, one beautiful baby girl!! Congrats to you and the wife on a job well done. And the meal looks great too.
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Great job on both congrats!
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Congrats the baby is beautiful the PR looks great, get Dad a heavier Jacket they will be visiting more.

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RG, congratz on the new family member and good looking PR to go with the good looking daughter.

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Thanks everyone. She's been great and the PR was amazing. It was a surprisingly easy smoke to be honest. I will surely be doing it again.
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Congrats! That little girl is gonna grow up with some good eatin'
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Prime Rib Looks-Great.gif

And Congratulations.gif on a beautiful little girl ...

in about 13 years you'll have all the boys you want...
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PR looks awesome as does the cute little girl.

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