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Masterbuilt Pro 20050412 hose assembly

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I am looking at purchasing this model in the n ear future and was wondering about one of the mods that is recommended. I am looking at replacing the valve to a needle valve will the Bayou Classic 0-30 PSI Adjustable Regulator/Hose Assembly work on this model? Also I have heard some people using an 8" cast iron skillet for the wood chips and others a 10" skillet. Which is best?
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I use an 8" skillet in mine. There's enough room for three nice chunks of wood. I feel that more wood than that at once would produce too much smoke. Plus the handle just barely fits with the skillet centered over the burner. With a 10" you might have and issue with the fit.
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I'm thinking I will pick up an 8" skillet. I was thinking about getting a griddle instead of a pan.

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I just recently added the Bayou Classic regulator and have no problems. I only have one smoke since installing it, but it works well. I keep the Masterbuilt regulator turned to high and then adjust the Bayou Classic to get the temp needed. The regulator is pretty touchy, so just make small adjustments.
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I have both mods in my Masterbuilt gasser but with a 10" skillet which is used only to distribute the heat from the burner.  No wood in the skillet. Instead have a AMNPS or AMNTS hanging underneath the smoker's burner.    Also the skillet is not sitting on the smoker's ring but is supported by bricks positioned inside the smoker.   Bricks, with a circular grill on top then skillet on grill.

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Just bout a Lodge 8" skillet which I think will work great. Now to purchase the 0-30 Bayou Classic Adjustable Regulator / Hose assembly. I picked up my Masterbuilt Dual Fuel smoker today. The only thing I am not sure about is what digital thermometer to buy. I want to keep the price under $40 if I can. I know they can get pricey. Any suggestions?  

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Maverick ET 732. Check around you might find them on sale since they have a new model out. The old model has the same range and functionality so you lose nothing there. the new model is the ET-733. Best for the price is the first one.

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Just purchased the Maverick 732 and the Bayou Classic 0-30 PSI Adjustable Regulator / Hose Assembly. Bought the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel the other days so when I get everything I will season the smoker and get smoking.
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Alright! So what are you gonna smoke first? You will like this set up and should turn out some pretty good stuff.
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Not sure what we will smoke first. What type of wood is good for each type of meat?
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Lucky for me that I was able to utilize the hose assembly on my smoker for my gas grill after the other night. I had some tenderloin I was planning on grilling but when I took off the grill cover the side burner was turned on so no gas. Ran to the store to get more then hooked it up only to find a leak in the line. It was not a good night as we did the tenderloin on the stove top. Good but not as good. Can't wait til Monday when everything arrives.
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Originally Posted by cc54636 View Post

Not sure what we will smoke first. What type of wood is good for each type of meat?

You could go whole hog and do a Pork Butt. They are pretty forgiving and it would give you a lot of time to get to know your new smoker and therms and stuff.

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Do a search on here for wood types. It really comes down to what you like. I do a lot of Tri tips and always use oak. Also mix in apple or cherry when doing pork. I just did some pork tenderloin the other day and mixed pecan and apple.
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