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French Dips and Home Fried Onion Rings w/ Q View

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Tried my first attempt at smoking a beef roast yesterday. Misjudged how long it would take and the roast ended up well done instead of medium rare like I prefer. After a little thinking ( ouch ! ) I decided to use the meat for French Dip sammies. 


Sliced the meat as thin as I could without a slicer, chopped the onion hearts from what I sliced for O rings to put in the Au Juis


Onion soup mix, chopped onion and beef broth for the Au Juis


Butter, garlic and swiss cheese for the french bread


Fried up the sweet onion in beer batter


After the Au Juis simmered a while, dropped the sliced beef in and shut down the stove, let the meat soak while the bread toasted.  Miss Kelly made an awesome salad to keep some nutritional balance...


Annnnd... dinner is served :yahoo:


The kids standing by in case someone needs a Heimlich


All in all I'm calling this a success.  Overcooked meat salvaged, lesson learned re: cook times, and a great meal. Life is good !

Happy smokin' everyone, wishing y'all the best of the beasts :beercheer: 

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Great job! I don't think there's a better way to save an overdone roast. I actually do this every time I cook a roast. "Better than Bullion" brand beef bullion makes some super tasty au jus if you don't have the real drippings. You're making me hungry!
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Hell ya, looks awesome.drool.gif
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Great looking Sammies and rings!drool.gif Back in the day I used to get French dips at Arby's they were bigger then now and I would ask them to cut it half to eat easier if they wouldn't I would break out a 12" chefs knife from the car always got strange looks for it not sure why!
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