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What do you think or suggest?

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I am looking to upgrade from my vertical water smoker (my kids call it (R2-D2). Im looking at the MasterBuilt Dual fuel smoker at HomeDepot. Any thoughts on this smoker and or suggestions on a smoker that would be better and in the same price range/size. I am looking to do more long smokes. and have lots of room to do a few different meats at the same time I would like to stay away from electric...I love the challenge of charcoal and the thought of having a gas burner to help me out..... Also I am in a family smoke off in may. The menu is BACON and Pulled Pork.... Pulled pork is a easy one. The bacon is the scary one... Any tips and suggestions on making a to die for slab of bacon. Im thinking on doing a 7 day wet cure to start off but dont really know of any true and tried techniques that will guarantee me the best bacon...and the WIN!

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For the smoker spend some time reading reviews. The search bar at the top of any page is your friend. For the bacon look for Bears-step-by-step or for Pop's brine. I prefer the TQ like BearCarver uses. The last belly I smoked for over 40 hours smoking at night and fridge in the day.

Happy smoken.


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I agree with Mule



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