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The 2015 Third Annual Michigan Get-Together (June 6th-7th) - Page 6

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Cool. Have some cocktails for me and let me know when to head out tomorrow.
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Anytime after noon delta.
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Parties over
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And what a great party it was..  Thank you Scott and Crystal for having it at your ranch and for being such great hosts.  All of the food was wonderful.  The fattie contest was a big hit with farmer Scott ( not a member of the site) winning with a pepper and spinach and pork fattie.


We had a rear pig leg that got smoked and pulled. a turkey breast that was the best turkey I have ever eaten, Burnt ends. BB ribs, ABTs. Pork shots and lots of salads and desserts.  We had so much food we never got to slicing the brisket or pulling the shoulder Scott smoked. The keg was running all day ( the reason I did not take any pictures).  The fire was out of control as you can see with the couch burning in Scotts post above. Could not ask for a better time.



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Man I love a good couch fire! Glad to hear you guys had a good time!
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Looks like a great time that ended with a bang! Sorry I couldn't make it out. :( Maybe next time...

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Sounds like a great time.  Sorry we couldn't make it this year.


But we need MORE PICS of the day!  And the tales told too.  LOL

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You know what fp I didn't take that many pictures myself for the site because the msg didn't really show for this one. We still had some serious smokers (6 smokers going strong), and I'd say about 50-60 people but just cam, Stan, and myself from the actual msg. Tough to get support for bbq in this state but the round table is still going strong!
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Not 100% sure yet fp but it's looking like the last weekend in August is going to be the fattie finals competition and smoke at my place. Hopefully you can make it. Here's a few pics I took. Sorry it's not as many as it should be.

15 pound packer brisket

Pig hind quarter.

28 1/2 hour smoked pork butt



Fire pit remains. It was still burning as of 8pm last night.
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Wow, sounds like it was a great time. I am sorry I missed it. I had an emergency network outage I had to respond to.

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No sweat Craig you didn't miss much. Just another Saturday night at the ranch. Maybe next time.
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Thanks for the pics! That hind quarter of pig looks great as well as the rest of the goodies!
I would of loved to shown up but work is busy and if I don't work I won't get to smoke anything. On a good note I stopped by a GFS store cascade and 28th street they now carry Tri tip for $4.05# bulk pack untrimmed.icon14.gif
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Looking like aug 15th is the fattie finals. We're aiming for 20+ fatties so one fattie is probably gonna be required by all parties attending. Anyone interested in entering send me a PM.

Note: you just have to make the fattie we will smoke them all at the same time.
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Stan you can make a new thread for the fattie finals if you want.
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The food was incredible!  It was nice to get a chance to taste the chow, without having been the cook.  Taste buds were overloaded!


Thanks to Rockstar and family for having us invade, and a thanks to Stan the man for tables, chairs. cooking and words of wisdom!


August means salmon fishing for me, so I will have to pass on fatty finals.  :( 

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A link to the fatty finals.  http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/206591/fattie-contest-at-the-way-out-ranch-fowlerville-michigan-aug-15#post_1416566


If you can make it we will love to try your fatty.

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Fattie finals! Where you at robbq??? Defend your title or lose it with out a fight!
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Originally Posted by hillbillyrkstr View Post

Fattie finals! Where you at robbq??? Defend your title or lose it with out a fight!

Hello all.

Looks like the smoke was a success. Of course it was! with everyone I see who attended how could it be not.

Well now for this Fattie final. That is the only week of the year I have off for family vacation. Of course it is! How else would it be scheduled without a conflict. So being out of town, I can say I will not be able to attend this one as well. Too bad, I have a great contender .

Have fun everyone and maybe at some point the scheduling of events will align with all.



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Awful way to lose the title. Sorry Robb but a new king will be crowned! My money's on someone from fowlerville.
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Threw together a few pizza fatties this past weekend along with some St. Louis slabs, chicken quarters, and about 60 ABT's. Basically just another weekend at the ranch. I took a few pics. Enjoy.

Supreme pizza fattie with mozzarella I smoked last winter.

Meat and cheese lovers fattie

Ufc ppv blown up on the barn.

That's about all the pics I took and no a simple pizza fattie won't win the contest but they sure are easy
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