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???a fatty?

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ok im new here, doing a lot of reading, im on disability, 

so i come to the understanding, that if it fits in a bacon woven

blanket its called a "fatty". can you make anything a fatty? 

my son and i love seafood so is it possible to do that? scallops,crab, shrimp, alligator, ect? 

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OK I checked the :rules:. I found that since it is your bacon you can put anything in it you want:biggrin:.

I look forward to seeing your Qview.

Happy smoken.


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My understanding is that the term "fatty" is about as specific as the term "meat". Anything can be used on the inside or the outside, though a bacon weave is generally the outer layer.
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  i'd really really like to see an actual definition of ''fatty''.

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The search feature at the top of the page is really good. Just type in fatty, or seafood fatty. Happy reading.

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