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Beercan chicken on a UDS

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Did a chicken, fatty, and andouille sausages. Ran the uds about 300 and the bird was done in about 2 hours. Used 1/2 kingsford competition briquettes and RO lump with 6 hickory chunks. I rubbed it down with a basic rub and under the skin on the breast and added a little butter under the skin. Came out great and the uds is too easy. Very moist and great flavor. I don't know if I'll ever use my cheap offset ever again.20150111_164649_zpssttcpsfj.jpg20140928_132108_zpsvsu9xola.jpg20150111_190316_zpsnvimhqvi.jpg
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That is a nice looking bird. Nice UDS as well. I sure do like the way mine cooks.

Happy smoken.


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I am running a heat diffuser and drip/water pan.  Not sure if I should try it without it.

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Looks great and nice looking UDS!

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Did another round with 3 chickens, kielbasa and added some frozen onion rings. Rings were great and chicken was excellent. Used apple this time for less smokey flavor.
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That's some nice looking game day grub


Good job



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Thanks I bet I could fit a whole offensive line (5) in the UDS.
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Interesting - How did the onion rings come out?? I've seen and been told about cooking breaded items on the grill - but never tried it myself! 

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The onion rings were good but a few were burnt. I had them on for about 1.25 hours. Super easy appetizer and I'll be doing them again.
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Good to know! Were they crunchy/soggy? Were you still running at 300* like the 1st cook?

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They were crunchy and my temp got a little too high for a while ~310. So I will go only 1 hr and/or a little cooler next time.
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The onion rings are a nice twist. I agree on the amount of meat that you can cook on a UDS. It will hold more than I can afford.

Happy smoken.


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