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Look forward to seeing you Joe and your wife and yes I'll be one of the guinea pigs

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I'm curious how the collagen cased smokies turned out?

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Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post

I'm curious how the collagen cased smokies turned out?

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Originally Posted by JckDanls 07 View Post

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Just read post #18 again JD and he didn't say anything specific on how the collagen casings turned out compared to the sheep casings. I was referring to edibility of them not flavor. Next time I'll be more specific.

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Was inspired when i saw your post. So i made some cocktails and skinless smokies. Used the plastic casings for wieners and tied the same as you did.Smoked 5hr. 130-160*  maple and apple pellets until 130* internal then into water bath so casings were easier to remove.


10lb pork and beef mix , 65gr sea salt, 2 level tsp cure1, 15gr brown sugar, 7gr garlic powder, 5gr onion powder, 5gr black pepper, 1heap TBS marjoram, 1/4tsp cayenne,  1/2 tsp allspice, 10gr paprika, 1/4tsp celery salt,  1cup soy powder.

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Originally Posted by Red Dog View Post

I'm curious how the collagen cased smokies turned out?


The collagens were a little chewy......I wouldnt recommend using them for smokies.


Mrs B said she liked the smokies. I thought they were dry and a little grainy. Next time I will do them a little different.

Omit the soy protein Isolate, use a different recipe and use all pork...... These can be better


Looks like I have some smudges on my






Natural casing




collagen casing




Thanks for looking



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They All look Great from Macungie!!:drool:drool




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Joe, Send them to my house, your mistakes look excellent!

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It's rare to see smokies round these parts; nice work!

I'm curious what your solution to the grainy is.. Recently had this with kielbasa; I'm thinking more fat and nfdm?
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Nice work Joe, To bad you weren't crazy about the flavor. Maybe ship them up here, coriander is one of my favorite spices.....sausage.gif
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Dang it man them sure look good, sorry you didn't like the taste. oh well what a better way to do another smoke, Experimental time!!!


Good luck on your next batch. 



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Yeah.. I think just a jarred garlic, onion powder, honey, salt and pepper recipe will be the next batch...... I usually dont use jarred garlic...Jarred garlic will give you a sausage that tastes like hilshire farms..... Kinda what I'm shooting for but better than the store bought
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