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is there a place on site with brine recipes?

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Use the search bar at the top of any page.

Happy smoken.


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not sure you need recipes for brine. unless you are gonna inject the meat, my reading n experience tell me the only things that actually  penetrate the meat in a  normal brine is a little salt n water. you can add whatever spices you like that go with the meat, garlic etc. but they stay on the surface.

so, adding spices is better done with a rub.

i think i get all the benefits of a brine by just adding as much salt n sugar  as the water will hold.


i'm not talking about a cure. over a couple weeks, other flavors do penetrate, but even there, i  inject the meat.

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Look up "pops brine", "slaughterhouse brine" and "family's favorite poultry brine". Those seem to be pretty popular recipes around here. I agree with Suzie though, I haven't ever gotten much internal flavor from a brine. Moisture definitely, but the flavor seems to stay on the surface.
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thanks everyone.

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