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My $43 Smokehouse

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I will start off by saying I used materials I had on hand or that I picked up for free. The total cost for materials I didn't have on hand or picked up for free was $43.

Brick (on hand)
Heat treated pallets (free)
20mm ammo can (on hand)
Staimless fireplace lining (free)
Screws (on hand)

I purchased 3 bags of concrete, 3 bags of mortar, a trowel, 2 six inch stove pipe fittings, and a six inch cast iron damper.

After taking apart the pallets and removing all the nails I ran all of the planks through a thickness planer to clean them up and get a uniform thickness of 1/2 inch.
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Looks nice and seems to work well! I will assume all ammo was removed from said can😜
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Nice Job!  You are on your way to smoking bliss...Happy Smoking

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Ha ha. Yes ammo can empty. I also had to remove the rubber seal. I burned a hot fire a couple of times to burn off the paint inside.
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