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Kind of last minute decided to grill some strips tonight. Local grocery store runs items sometimes "Buy one get one for a penny"

NY Strips $10.99 a lb. One package was $17.00 the other $12 you get the lower priced for a penny, so I got 4 NY Strips for seventeen bucks.


Decided to go old school instead of using my old trusty gas grill


Got out the old ECB 




Middle section sitting on the pateo, Then the bottom next and the top





Getting ready for Charcoal




Firing up the charcoal using my side burner




Coals ready to go with a couple chunks of hickory




Steaks on





Sorry I didn't get a couple more shots on the grill got busy inside  But here one plated



Table set and ready to eat




Another shot  Steaks were great, Wife's was Med. Mine Rare, Grandson's Med. Rare

Grandsons girlfriend Med. Well



Thanks for looking

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Yes sir looks great.

I have a ecb siting in the corner.
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It's versatile 



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Looks good Gary. Nice job cooking steaks for order - takes skill!
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Thanks HB, Been cooking steaks a long time, About 40 years ago I was in the food and beverage business On Friday and Saturday nights I liked to man the grill when it got real busy, Lots os steaks.




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So which seat do I take when I get there?  Lookin good Gary.

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Strips are my fave,and yours look great!
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Steak, baked potato, and of my favorite meals. of my favorite smokers, grills, ovens, etc. Great post, worth a point from the monkey.

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