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Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers for Jim and his family. They are having a Memorial Service for him Friday in Richardson (He lived in Garland) Talked to his wife last night she said they were expecting a huge turnout. 


Here is a funny story I'll share about Jim,  After he retired they were blowing and going, I'd get a call at my office and Jim would say "you'll never guess where we are" It was always someplace new, from the East coast to the west coast and places in between. Then about 10 years ago he called me and asked the same question, I said " I don't know Main, California, Florida ? I don't know" He said driving a School buss !!  I said "A school buss ? what in the world would posses you to drive a school bus at you age ? are you OK. He said I can't sit around that house, Corla is tired of traveling and all I'm doing is Field trips, football games and special events"  Jim did that for 10 years, Was voted the best driver "Ever" buy the students and co-workers, Jim really enjoyed kids.



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Great story, Gary!!


So sad he's gone----Probably some of the students will be at the service too.


RIP Jim.




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Thanks Bear,   Sister -in -law in real bad shape now not looking good



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Gary, fairly new here but sorry to hear about your friend, lost two myself in the last two years, I think we take each other for granted sometimes but it sure hits hard when we lose a good friend, it is so important to tell family AND friends what they mean to us while they are around, hope your sister in law does better, my wifes sister has been battling lung cancer for several years and it is a hard thing to watch, hang in there, Bonz

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Prayers & Thoughts are with you Jim.  Get well SOON!!! 

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Thanks  to you both



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