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I would like all my friends and members to say a prayer for my very good friend Jim.


Jim had a knee replacement 2 weeks before Christmas, replacement went well ????  Then the went to rehab for the knee. He started getting sick and they moved him to Baylor Hospital in Garland (Dallas area)  Jim is now in a medical coma and on a ventilator. He has Pneumonia  and apparently what they call a fat embolism from the knee surgery got into his blood and went to his lungs. Touch and go right now.


I'll keep you posted


Thank you



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All my best to your friend, hopefully this turns around and he has a speedy recovery.

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Thank you



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Thoughts & prayers sent Gary ! Hoping for a very speedy recovery for Jim !
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Thanks WaterHole,  Jim is just one of those guys who never meets a stranger, Always funny and laughing Except for some back surgeries  He is pretty much healthy. A few years back we went to their 50th wedding anniversary and there were over 200 people there. Everybody likes Jim and Corla his wife.



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Best wishes to your friend and his family.
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Gary, tell Jim He is on CF's prayer list, hope all goes well. CF

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Sending healing thoughts Jim's way.
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Thanks CF, Brooksy and b-one




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Thoughts and prayers for Jim it is.........

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From my family too.



 Thumbs Up

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Done ! Jim and his family added to the list

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Many prayers headed to Jim and his family's way!

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Hope you get well Jim, Prayers your way
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Praying for Jim this is getting scary seeing Doctors screwing up. Hang in there Gary

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Gary, sending Jim an army of angels, good thoughts, and prayers. 

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Hello my friend.  Sorry to hear.  All the best wishes for your friend and his family.  He will be included in our prayers.  Hang in, he and his family will need someone to lean on at this time.  I know you will be there for them.  Stay fit, stay strong and give them all the support you can.  I know you will.  Hopes and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Danny and Annette

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You bet. Praying for him and his family.

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I talked to his wife she said he was a little better, blood gases were up, still in a coma and on a respirator 



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An update on my friend Jim------     Jim has passed away, gone home to the Lord.  Jim had knee surgery before Christmas, went to rehab and got sick he had gotten a fat embolism in his blood from the knee surgery and then phenomena . He was on a respirator and a medically induced coma, His wife said he just passed away peacefully.

She said to tell everyone thank you for all the prayers.



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