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Looking to smoke my own hams

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These will be my first hams,  I have been told they are about 20lbs a piece.  Obviously thaw them.  I would like to put them in a brine and cure them that  way, then cold smoke, then bring them up to temp. Does anyone have any hints, recommendations for brines/cure?


I have several brines/turkey i use for the 12lb turkeys i cure.  Doing another 5 of them at the same time as the hams, along with 8 pork bellies, 2 ducks. 


Obligatory photos of what i have been up to this year, copy and pasted from a gun forum

This year we did bacon, turkeys, salmon, venison pastrami, sausages <kielbasa, hunters sausage, venison sausage, hot dogs,Andoullie and tuscan dry salami>, beef jerky along with Lamb proscutto

Since i am most proud of the lamb procutto.. it goes first. 




Beef jerky



Sausages hanging in the smoker to tack up before smoking.
top row is kielbasa, and hot dogs


 Next row is hunters sausage,venison sausage


 bottom row is the andoullie and the tuscan dry salami



All of it together, 152 pounds of sausages.


After about 36 hours of smoke


After 72 hours of smoke and bring up to temp. The andoullie and salami were not brought up to temp. Andoullie is a fresh sausage, and the salami was hung for 6 weeks. 


Here is how my smoked salmon turned out



Here you can see the difference between hot smoked salmon on the left and cold smoked salmon on the right.


Bacon prep


 Finished bacon cooling. 
72 hours cold smoke, brought up to temp.  Plain, peppered, Maple syrup, brown sugar flavors






Venison pastrami
Cold smoked 72 hours, brought up to temp








Smoked turkeys
10 days in cure/brine like pastrami and bacon
72 hours cold smoked and brought up to temp




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:points:Aaron, you have been a busy smoker, nice looking products !!!!!!!!! well done .

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Holy cow!!!! That's some good looking eats way to go!!!
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Wow looks great! For your hams search here for Pop's Brine. It's a great and easy method to cure meats for cold and or hot smoking.
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Lots of Great looking Smoked Meats you got there, Grouse!!:drool---------:points:


Keep up the good work!!Thumbs Up




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Wow! Astounding and magnificent! I too suggest pops brine. It is very popular with this group.

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Awesome lookin meats for sure.




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