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first time

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Never made a fatty before could anyone give me a few pointers before I try it? Thanks much ahead of time
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You can use anything that you like. remember to cook it to IT and you should be good to go.

Happy smoken.


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Hit the search bar (above your post) and type in fatty, you'll get ideas and directions galore ! Good luck and have fun !

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I need to hop on to this fatty stuff. You guys are killing me!    

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Fatties are super simple i made them for the first time last week as my first smoke and my wife keeps bugging me to make more or when she gets her next one.  If it wasn't 20 below wind chill here in Nebraska she would have already had it.  We did a "calzone" this one is the one i followed and was in heaven with it. 

I wish i had gotten pictures as it turned out great even having to change the recipe for the wife gluten allergy

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I made one today here's some pics.. I too live in Nebraska.
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