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your build looks to be going good.  I am working on the same project.  I will say it has been way to wet to do any concrete work though so I started with the wood work. got the frame done and almost two sides on now.  I will be in the same boat I hope soon with the concrete work.

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Looks nice, I be watching



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Help!!! This thing isn't working like it should. Roaring fire in the firebox and only 85-100 in the smoke house. And it's not consistent. Seems like it's not drafting right. More smoke coming out of the stove door than the smoke house. Also, if I close the stove door, the fire dies fairly quickly. I am thinking that I didn't use a large enough diameter stove pipe. I have a 6 inch diameter pipe but it's an insulated pipe so only 4 inches is exposed. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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What size is your chimney? If it's too small/too short it will restrict the flow and the smoke will follow the path of least resistance- sounds like in your case, out the stove door. Enlarge the chimney opening and raise the stack so it will draft properly.
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just guessing but is the fire box low enough so the pipe is angling up to the smoke house,maybe try a longer smoke stack on the smoke house to try and get a better draft,

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The fire box is below the stove pipe. Not sure if it angles up. I'm pretty sure it's about level. The smokehouse dimensions are 40"x40" and 80" tall from the top of the cinder block. The chimney dimensions are about 6"x8" by about 8" tall. I didn't have any plans for this build so I just went off of pictures and did a lot of redneck engineering. Building a larger and taller chimney would definitely be an easier job than having to mess with the firebox and stove pipe because it's all sealed in concrete. Do you guys think the 6" insulated horizontal stove pipe that is reduced to a 4" opening is okay then? I appreciate the input.
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not positive but i think with a good draft 4" would be good,but a little bigger would be better,i would go ahead and extend the stack first and see if that helps before you start messing with your concrete work.if the longer stack works you might have to add a dampener to it to control your temps. good luck i'm sure some of the pros will be along to help you also.

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Here are pics of the firebox enterior with stovepipe entrance, stovepipe exhaust into the base of the smokehouse and the chimney.

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politom, I'm no expert, but I don't see any intake holes in your firebox where outside oxygen can enter to create a draft for the fire. Are there any?

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The firebox door has air intake at the bottom. I had it slid open. I experimented with leaving the door open at various angles up to including closed and the smoke and fire pretty much chose to come out the front of the firebox as can be seen in the blackened brick in this pic. Keep it coming guys. I appreciate any input.
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I'd say your stovepipe is too low. Think about how offset smokers are built, the intake holes are at the bottom or center of the firebox And the heat transfers at the top of the firebox.
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Crap. I was afraid of that. I should have known better. It's going to be one hell of a job to replace and relocated the stove pipe higher. One step forward and two steps back.
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I had the same feeling that was the issue. I see a lot of outdoor smoker builds like this and it does seem that often there is an upward angle of the pipe connecting the firebox to the chamber to prevent loosing heat out of the firebox door. I've also seen many RF builds that have a venting system in the firebox door above AND below the fire allowing oxygen in at 2 different spots. I've read it helps conserve fuel and makes regulating temps easier.

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Well, when you get 'er all fixed up she'll be a great somehouse. It's really just a small design flaw, the rest of it looks really good.
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I have one more question about my venting problem. The smokehouse itself is not air tight. There are gaps everywhere. Will that contribute to the problem I am having? I have thought about caulking all the exterior gaps but have not done so yet. I am just trying to explore all options before I start busting up concrete and brick. Thanks again.
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i think they are right about the pipe being low,but i would would try fooling with the stack on the smoke house,maybe make it bigger and longer or add another one,you have nothing to loose,if that doesn't work then you'll probably have to bust some concrete.i'm not sure about the gaps causing the problem but i think i would try to seal them up.good luck

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gonna have to agree with placement of the pipe... but also the I.D. of the pipe... will pipe be exposed if/when you move the firebox ?? If so this would be the time to change the pipe to a bigger one ... But as others have said... play with exhaust first and see what happens ... I would also punch numbers into the build calculator and see what ya come up with... compare numbers to what is in place ...
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Okay folks. I was finally able to do some work on the smokehouse to fix my venting problem. I took your suggestions. I sealed it completely and added an extension to the chimney and removed the cap. That did the trick without having to remove and reinstall the stove pipe. I am very happy with the results. Thanks for all the input. Much appreciated.

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glad you had a relatively easy fix,happy smoke'in

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looks good hope to see some good food before to long

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