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Some Prayers for Mrs Bear

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I could use a little help guys.

Yesterday Mrs Bear finally told me she wasn't feeling well for a day or two. She was taking her BP & it was lower than usual, so she had stopped taking her Lisinopril for a few days.
Then the top number wasn't too bad, but the bottom number was in the 60s.
She called her Dr yesterday & made an appointment for 4:15.
At 5:45 she called me to tell me not to get upset, but our Son was picking her up & taking her the the ER, because her Dr didn't want her to drive, because her heart rate was in the 30s.
After some tests, they decided to install a Pacemaker, and will be putting that in at 2:30 PM today. My Son & I just got home from our morning visit & we will be going back at 5:30 PM.

If you guys got any spare prayers, please throw some in with mine.

Thanks All,


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You got them from my family Bear.

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My prayers to you and your family and hope for a speedy recovery.

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There is all the best wishes and strength we can muster being sent from here. 



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Your wife and family will be in our prayers.
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These surgery's are fairly routine these days and I am sure everything will go smoothly. She will be in my prayers. 

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She is on our prayer circle list.

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Prayers coming your way from our family, John...hopefully this is just a bump in the road.

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Saying a prayer for your wife and for your family.

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Absolutely....consider it done. I do believe these things are fairly routine these days but always a concern when one is needed. Rest and recuperation for her is in order as Big Bear goes into care taker status. Fortunately, your son & daughter-in-law are right down the hill if needed. All the best.....Regards, Willie

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You got it Bear.

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Nothing but positive energy headed your way Bear.

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You got it Bear. They are on the way. I hope a for speedy recovery for Mrs. Bear.

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Good luck with the procedure!
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Praying real hard Bear, go take care of that lady and well be expecting good news...

Hang in there Buddy!

Remember you still got 46 more!!!

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Wishing Mrs bear a speedy recovey



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praying for all to go well and a speedy recovery... Everything will be fine Bear....
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Praying all goes well and a speedy recovery. John be sure to take care of yourself at this time. God Bless

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Prayers headed your way...



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Thoughts and prayers flowing your way.
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