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Doing my first smoke tomorrow!

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Hey, im new to the forum and doing my first smoke tomorrow in my master forge propane smoker! Gonna do boston butt and a rack of ribs will se how it goes. Will post pics of the smoke ;)
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 Good luck!  I'm watching for the outcome.



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Good Luck    Be sure and post pictures and results



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Yes, good prepared, allow plenty of time (I allow 2 hours per # on butts) and enjoy the ride.....Willie

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Having ribs for supper tomorrow night and pulled pork for supper the next....... Great way to break her in...!


Bon Chance!

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No doubt start that butt early! We had my parents over for my first butt they almost left hungry! Good luck, do you plan to foil tell us your plans!
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Yeah, allow plenty of time



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Don't screw it up. a38.gif

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Good luck, I agree post some pictures when you're done.
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:( sorry everyone the wife caught a bug, so I took care of her this evening! Looks like its definitely on tomorrow. . Im only doing a 3lb butt so I accounted for a 6hr smoke and a 4 hr smoke on the ribs. Planed on pulled pork on texas toast with a side of Sweet Baby Rays BBQ, ribs, Arby's curly fries homade slaw KFC style and homade baked beans my own recipe! I will take pics all the way thru.. Both the ribs and butt will be dry rubbed. Smoked over a mixture 50/50 hickory and apple wood with applejuice/water mix in the water pan.. Thanks for you coments!
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