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Start out simple then expand, Easy stuff first then a little harder. After your there, start experimenting with flavors on what you and your family like best.


You'll be dolling out information in no time



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Originally Posted by link View Post

Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information here and if you do not see something just ask and someone (or many someones) will give you their suggestions.


Also if you go to the Groups button at the top there is a Michigan smokers group you can join if you want to.



Very interesting  and are you a member of the Mich Smokers group ?

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Welcome to the addiction!


Grill on w/smoke  :welcome1:

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What Ben said yeahthat.gif   Would love to see that recipe !  Have my first summer sausages in smoker now but don'y own a grinder or stuffer yet so had a friend prep it for me.  Looking forward to getting my own equipment and going ballistic on sausages.

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Originally Posted by OFFSHORE GINGER View Post

Very interesting  and are you a member of the Mich Smokers group ?

Yes, I am.

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Been out of town.  Trying the spatchcock chickens tomorrow.  Should be good.  Now I need to do some research on time/temperature profile.  Thanks.

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We will be watching



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Going to use 50/50 mix of mesquite and hickory with a lemon pepper rub on one and tony cachere's on the other.  Found Jeff's time/temp chart.  Good stuff.  I'll try to post the venison sausage recipe in the next few days.

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Don't think so.  How do you join?

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Today is my first time firing up and using my BGE. 6 HOURS in to it.....smoking the 3-2-1 method....the smells are AMAZING......cannot wait to eat!! Baby back ribs btw.
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Looks like he went Defcon 5 when asked for trade secrets, boys....

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HI from a smoker in north east iowa.  Just take your time, smoking goes slow just don't try to rush it.  Be sure to give yourself plenty of time.   As you can see we put a rotisserie in ours !  you may eAppleMark  You may email me direct at

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Other than low and slow there isn't really a "recipe." Rubs are a very personal thing; some people like to use a lot of black pepper for their briskets and use less black pepper on ribs and chicken, and some people use one rub for everything. Some of us brine before we smoke, and some of us don't. If you enjoy chicken ( which is probably the least expensive of all the meat you might want to smoke), make a 1-1-1-brine. One cup sugar, one cup salt, and one gallon water is a standard brine ratio for both chickens and turkeys, and once again there is not a recipe, but a ratio. The recipe happens when you add a flavoring to your brine, onion, garlic, bay leaf, etc.

     If you go to Alton Brown on the Food Network you will see he has a ratio based dry rub "recipe". Look at the ingredients see if you like all of the flavors in it, then give it a try his way and next time make it your own my using your own recipe..

     There are lots of pre-made rubs available at the grocery store and hundreds available online; they are often not cheap and usually  have salt as the primary ingredient. I have a semi-local store where I can buy all of my spices in small quantities. The killer with making rubs is, if you don't already have most of the spices in your pantry then the pre-packaged spices can add up dollar wise.

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I just did my first attempt at smoking a bone-in pork butt. I got 2 on sale for .99/lb, one for now and one to freeze for later. Both were just under 8 lbs. I fired up the nearly new to me MES 30 1st gen and while it heated up mixed up the spices from Jeff's famous recipe {yes, that was a plug!). I followed his instructions using yellow mustard as the holding agent. Once the butt was covered in rub, I inserted the Maverick 733 temp probe. For smoke I used the recommended AMNPS loaded with their hickory pellets. I got a late start (2 PM) but planned on being at it until midnight or so. Temp was set in the 245F range. For 3 hrs the butt registered LLL on the Maverick then started to slowly climb. At about 5 PM I noticed there was no smoke visible so I opened the door and saw all the pellets were turned to ash. Hmmm? I thought it was supposed to last longer than 3 hrs? I reloaded and lit it and closed the door. At 8 PM the butt stuck at 149F and stayed there until 11 PM so I turned up the smoker heat to 275F. It quickly went up to 159F and stuck again for several more hours. At 3 AM I turned up the heat again to 290F and the butt slowly raised to 190F. At 6 AM, a full 16 hrs after starting, I was done even if the butt wasn't. I took it out of the smoker and pulled the bone out by hand. That was a good sign. Using 2 table forks I pulled it apart for a quick cool down in the refrigerator. Dinner would be later after getting some much needed sleep.


I left the pulled pork covered in foil and put it in the over to reheat for 30 minutes. The pork butt was excellent! It was tender, juicy and the bark was addicting to eat. How could something that looks burnt taste go good? Yes, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff's rub. The hickory taste was there even though it only smoked for about 3 hrs. total. When I opened the door at 6 AM I saw the hickory pellets had gone out the second time. Here is a photo I took just before taking it out of the smoker:





I learned some things for next time. One is I put the fat side down and didn't score it. It pulled off when I took the butt off the rack. Second, I will try starting at a higher temperature next time to cut down on the smoke time. I think the issues with the AMNPS was I used my gas kitchen stove to light it and may have lit 2 rows at once and obviously didn't light it well enough the second time. I really need to use a torch! All in all it was a success!.     

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They are a beautiful thing when you pull them out of the smoker, aren't they? 


When I smoke a butt, I rub it the night before and put it in the refrigerator.  The morning dance is to take it out of the fridge so it can warm up a bit, then get the smoker ready and warming up (also a 30" MES, but the one with the controller on the top in the back).  Once the smoker is at temp, I put the butt in the smoker.  The butt barely warms up at all before hitting the smoker.  A few weeks ago, I did a bone-in "picnic", which is like a Boston Butt in being a shoulder, but has some of the upper arm.  Also around 8 pounds, if I recall.  It was done within 11 hours.


But a bow to your toughness for sitting up all night with the smoker, though.  With my wife, when I tell her I'm going to smoke something, she expects it to be done by Her Dinner Time, and it's up to me to start it in time.  If I were to do a big brisket, I'll probably need to start it at midnight so I could smoke it 'til the next night at 6.


This Monday, I did a small brisket flat.  It was under 5 pounds, so I figured it would take five or six hours.  Had it in the smoker by 6:45 in the morning and figured it would be done by 1.  No such luck.  Even though it was only a 4.5 lb. flat, it took until 5:30 PM for the temp to get over 203 Internal Temp.  Let it rest for an hour and it came out great. 





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