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gathering in Kentucky

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Looking for some smokers and bbq junkies to get together in Kentucky.I'm new on here. Just like to see how everyone else smokes and bbq. Hoping to learn something. Let's see what we can do
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:th_crybaby2:I'm to far away!

Happy smoken.


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I would possibly interested.  If we could find a place to accommodate a few of us.



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That's what I need to do is find a place for it. Do you know any place that would be good. I live in Paris inside of city limit. Im open for any suggestions.
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I don't know a place but I'd be interrested
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Let me work on that .I see whT I can came up with
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I don't know of any place.  We need to see how many people are interested and then find a central area.  I'm in Wilmore, just outside of Nicholasville.  If someone had a farm, that would be an awesome place.  It would be plenty of room.  If we are talking about getting together and doing a bunch of smoking.

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Ok lets see how many we can get. And go from their. I think that's a good idea.
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ok then.. your off to a great start.. somebody's farm would be best... we do the S FL at a state park (campground) ... good luck...
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I'm in Ohio, but a road trip to Kentucky sounds fun. Will check back often for updates!
Keep Smokin!!!
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I'll give y'all a little bump
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Another Bump!!! Cause I would love to make this Blue Grass State road Trip!!

Keep Smokin!!!


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Still looking for a place.soon as I can find a place I will see how wants to come .working on a couple of places.cross your fingers
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Keep us posted I'm still interested
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Thanks I will
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I live in Pikeville I would be interested.
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How we making out on this ?? Is it gonna happen ??
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I would be interested
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This sounds fun! I'm new here and to smoking but this is something i would like to do if it can be worked out! 

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Georgetown, ky here.. any news on a gathering?

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