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smoking some chicken

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Wife said I was crazy.but you know how it is
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Tell us all about it.

Happy smoken.


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Here we go 4hours later @225with some bbq rub on it and some grape juicy juice in the water pan. Good and moist. Wife loves it. Mmmm[IMG]
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Just finished a piece of chicken and it was super. Even better when it's cold outside.
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Looks great! What seasoning and type of wood did you use?
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I used some bbq seasoning I got from Gordon foods service store and use some cherry wood chips. I use the same seasoning on my pulled pork also.
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Great place for spices nice one by us ha carried briskets all or most of the summer among other new meats and the ribs have been nice and meaty as well.
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That's where I get my shoulders for pulled pork.good place like it better then sams plus you don't have to pay membership fee.
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Gotta love talking about butts....anyone not knowing would think we're a bunch of perv's on this site, but here goes....


I have to say the butts at GFS have caught my attention, the price is right and the label says nothing about being injected with a chemical cocktail from some big conglomerate. I've not tried them mostly because we have a family owned butcher/processor near our new house. For about $3/lb and an hour or two notice, they will have whatever size you want cut & packaged, the meat is local and the best tasting yet, so its hard to beat in my particular situation.


The briskets also look very good but are way to big for my family of 3, but again....the local butcher usually has some about 1/2 the size that works out excellent for my family of 3 and leaves some leftovers.


Otherwise I'd have already tried both GFS offerings.

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Gorgeous!  Well done. Keep up the good work.

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