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Wet Charcoal

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l had people over the other night and did a brisket in the Traeger, but also some ribs and later nachos in the Big Green Egg.


I left my box open, and before guests left it started raining right on a recently opened bag of BGE Lump.


Is it ruined?  I've had the Egg for 8 years and never did this before.  My hope is that once it's dry it will be useful again.


Thanks, Erik

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I dont think the smoker is ruined. The charcoal I would let it dry out real good and it will be hit or miss. I have had charcoal get wet and after drying it was fine, a little hard to light but it worked. Then I have had some that was a total loss.
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Near my smoker I keep charcoal and wood chunks handy in Home Depot buckets with lids. They stay dry even when it is pouring rain. A few weeks ago I didn't press the lid to seal on the charcoal and it blew off in a rainstorm. Charcoal got soaked. I just emptied the water and put the open bucket in the garage for a couple weeks. Dried out nicely and worked fine.
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I could have explained better.

The BGE did get closed, so its fine.  I left my deck box where I keep the charcoal open, so that was my downfall.

I like the Home Depot bucket idea!

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Originally Posted by ewillie View Post

I like the Home Depot bucket idea!


Just use a permanent marker on the lids so you know what's inside.  I have the buckets label "Briquettes," "Lump," "Hickory Wood," "Apple Wood," etc.  Trust me, once you dump a bag of wood in the bucket you'll have no idea what it is unless you have it marked.     

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Just dry the charcoal out as quickly as you can in a warm place and it will be fine. It is when you leave it damp for a period of time that it tends to develop the musty smells.

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