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Craigslist Find!

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Was browsing Craiglist earlier this week - someone placed an ad for a Cookshack SM008. I thought for sure there were issues - element, door latch, wiring, etc. E-mailed the guy, he said it was in perfect working condition, lightly used. I ran over, took one look and bought it for.....$150. I couldn't get the money out of my pocket quick enough. 


This thing is built like a tank - a real nice upgrade from my Royal Oak electric (which I really thought was great for the price) you can see to the right in the picture. I took about two hours yesterday to clean it up. I fired it up this morning and have had it running most of the day. Seems to work just fine. 


Had to share, the CW doesn't realize what a great deal this was!



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Good buy for sure at less than 25% the original price.  Heck, the cart for it is more than twice what you paid for the smoker.


Have fun with it.



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