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New to Smoke

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Ok smokers. Unwrapped the master built Santa left me. I see a lot of chicken, fish, cheese and nuts into future. What's your suggestion for the first smoke.
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Welcome to the board! I'm near Kenny/Henderson.


I suggest: first, look up your model of smoker in this board's Search to see how people use it. Second, get to know your smoker with something inexpensive like chicken leg quarters before your devote $$$ to something that might flop. Third, POST PICS or we will tease you.

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Thanks BlueWhisper. I'm actually near Davidson HS in Hilliard. We do a lot of chicken so I'll probably start there. I have the Master built 30 electric. If the rain stops I might get to use it tomorrow.
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BlueWhisper has you covered on the choice of meat for you inaugural smoke!
Please stop by Roll Call and introduce your self for a propper SMF welcome!
Here is a link to the Electric Smokers section of the forum:
Lots of good info there and if you have questions that would be the place to ask!

Keep Smokin!!!
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Take the time to check the set temp of you smoker against a known thermometer most are off right out of the box. Then start easy and work your way up. The search bar at the top of any page is your friend. Remember to post a Qview and patience! It is done when it is done.

Happy smoken.


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