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Sharing my UDS build

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Built a UDS over the summer. Just joined the group a few days ago. Thought I'd share my build and process.


Got a lined drum from a craigslist ad. Found a local guy in Ft Worth that sand blasted it for me. Local fire department would have visited me if I had done a burn and for $30 it was worth saving the time not having to grind it all down. I decided to build mine on a cart even though at the present time I don't move it anywhere. Found an old kenmore grill that I salvaged. Built the shelves using diamond plate that I cut and bent in the garage. Hardware, paint, paint and more paint she was ready for seasoning.


Specs: Three racks, pizza pan heat diffuser, 2-1" holes with ball valves, weber lid, unknown bbq hinge (need to install), 18"x10" fire basket, 2 cans flat black, 2 cans gloss black, 1 can metallic silver, and a whole bunch of eye and u bolts to hold it all together. Cheers!






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Nice looking UDS. I see many years of great Q in your future.

Happy smoken.


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I have a drum and after seeing yours I'm gone to try and make me one. One thing I have to ask is on your ball values is that pipes running up the sides. Nice job
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You can run the pipes up the sides but during certain winds a weird draw can happen. seen it once. I go with keep it simple. Nice looking drum there man.

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Yup the pipes are there only so you don't have to bend down to adjust the airflow. A Pitmaster IQ is on the list and when I get that I will probably be removing the pipes.

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Nice UDS   Meat, veggies and eggs look great



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Very Nice Build, and looks very well thought out.


I really like your Rolling Cart with Dual Shelves. Using one shelf as the cart handles was a great idea.



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