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Something new to me. Goat

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Good morning


I tried something new this weekend.   With the advice and help from Mick, it turned out awesome!  


I smoked 4 quarters of a goat.  I cut the ribs off and used them for the racks in the pans.   I made a white wine baste for them to steam in.  I basted them about every hour.


I smoked them for 6 hrs at 225 then foiled for two more hours.   When I opened them up they were falling off the bone.


I have read so much about goat that I wanted to try it.   As far as the smoking, it was nothing short of perfection with about a good 1/4 smoke ring.  Super moist and very tender.   As far as flavor....  much like venison, it wasn't to my liking.   I love canned venison, but not so much smoked.


I did this for a good friend.   She loved it.  Thats really all that matters.  She gave me a goat for smoking her's.   I will be cutting it up and canning it, with a little beef fat in the cans.   It won't go to waste.


As they say, you don't know till you try. 


I hope everyone has a great week-end



The finished product had been sitting in the frig for a bit before I remembered to take the picture.   This was a farm raised goat feed grass and non gmo feeds.   They had quite a bit of fat on them.  

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Looks like it turned out well. I'm not much of a goat person but to each their own.

Happy smoken.


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Looks tasty Wes! Nice smoke. I've had some great Cuban style goat. Similar to the pork used for Cuban sandwees.
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I grew up eating lots of goat meat. Yours looks mighty good. Love the color. We also canned goat meat, Its going to be tender and really tasty. Nice cook. CF

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Once on a whim I got a goat's head at a halal market. It was skinned and sawn up the middle, brains removed but eyes still there. The two halves went into my big stock pot like a yin/yang symbol. Not used to seeing teeth in my pot.


Nothing unusual about the stock, though. Similar to a beef or lamb aroma.

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Wes, morning..... Looks awesome.... wish I was there.... My buddies hunt goat and say it is one of the most flavorful meats there is... I guess that's because they are up and down those rock faces all the time.... Enjoy the canning and eating of your gift.... icon14.gif

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That looks fantastic! Great job! Happy Sunday! Cheers! - Leah

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Thanks to everyone for the comments.   It was a really fun smoke.   I'm looking forward to the canned results.   I love trying new things.  The lady I was smoking it for loved it.  Thats all that matters.  If we all had the same taste,  there would be critters that would never make it to the table.  :-)

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Sounds delicious Wes, I have a friend that does this annual goat/lamb feed and he has a monster rotisserie/smoker. Very good event every time!

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I hear its the BOMB? Don't know would try it though.

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Jim anything is worth trying once.   There is some awesome  meat out there.   You just have to skin it and give it a go.

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Just saw this now. You really got a great colour on it.
It certainly looks good even if not to your taste.Seems it stayed moist.
Back in the day the guy that worked on Dads farm made goat sausages that were pretty good.
I have zero experience in canning. Not done down here.
I do goat Italian style,red sauce casserole or roasted EVO,garlic etc,curry couple of different versions & I had a shot at jerk as well. A big part is the age of the goat ,once they get past about 15 to 17 kg dressed the flavour changes.
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The picture is one for the lady I was smoking them for.   Being she was going to reheat them, I only ran them up to 160F and into the frig.   The one I did for us, at 160 I foiled for about an hour more.  When I removed the foil from it,  it was literally  pulled away from the bone.   It was super moist and super tender.   The basting sauce was the key.  Thanks!   

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Living in West Texas, when the smell of a Cabrito waifs thru the air it usually means a quinceañera (yes I had to look up the spelling). Its a Mexican comming out party, like a debutant. And the Cabrito (grilled/smoked goat) was the center piece of the celibration. I actually like it. Usually servered with tortillas or flat bread and some type of a green sauce made from a specific herb from Mexico. Sorry I don't remember the name, very bright and slightly bitter.


That looks great Wes. Never seen them pan cooked. Usually they are spitted, roasted or smoked. Its a very very long process and since tender goats are so small it takes a few for a family and even more for a good party.


Looks like you should have impressed the Lady Wes, but thats no doubt why they asked you to cook it.


Looks like a great job.


You DaMan!

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Love Cabrito myself.   There is a Mexican food restaurant in Dallas, Mercado's  that has great Cabrito Fajita's 



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It's a great meat but it's all about the size of the kid. Picked up a couple of French backpackers hitch hiking last week. They had been working on a goat farm for 2 months.It was some fair sized cheese outfit. They were looping back down to Tasmania to work the grape harvest.Both from farming families back around Clermont. Young goat to them was just a regular meal every spring.
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